A meadow of Stunning Salsify.

We revisited Horsenden west meadows today and returned to where we saw the salsify a week or so ago. It did not let us down. From a distance you might think the meadow had just grasses, but get up close and the effect is stunning. Much better than photographs taken with a phone camera can do justice to.

It was very windy today and the combination of salsify, tall buttercups and grasses swaying in the breeze is quite hypnotic.

On the way back, on the edge of the Westway Cross retail park are colourful horse chestnuts, with Greenford road also lined with some very mature specimens.

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  1. Those Irises look splendid, Henry. I do like Salsify- I have found the odd plant growing down our road. Must try & get back to Horsenden Hill This week. Yesterday morning after walking down the Brent towards Ealing Hospital I had a quick look in the western [art of Perivale Park. The Eremurus looked splendid. These bring back special memories for me as for many years I co-lead trips with a local guide to parts of eastern Kazakstan where quite a few species of these & many wild tulip species grow,. My favourite was one called Eremurus lactiflorus with gorgeous creamy flowers often growing amongst red Tulipa greigii.

    Also a great display of both Red & White Campion near the Coston’s Brook. A couple of Whitethroats were singing their scratchy song here & spotted a Large Red Damselfly taking refuge from the increasing wind on a bramble clump.

  2. Neil, next up the gladioli, which are just starting up and should be in full flower in about a week. We hope all the bulbs planted there will like the conditions and expand to fill the area. If they don’t, the thistles certainly will!.

    That path along Coston’s brook was almost inaccessible for many years, but since it was opened up last year it has developed very nicely. The pond there has no feeder, so it dries out very easily.

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