Breaking news update! Orchard garden, Greenway and Wetlands

Time for an exercising walk around the greater Perivale Park to see what is new. Literally a week can make a difference.

To start with the orchard garden. The four garden meadows now have the gladioli flowering and the beds surrounding the benches are maturing nicely, with the geraniums showing well throughout. Most of the fruit trees have some fruit, and they are being watered occasionally. Many of the other new trees in the park are suffering, sad to say.

Next, the three new small ponds next to the playground. The verges are showing colour, probably naturally seeded from last year. The ponds themselves are on their last dregs of water and we need rain.

On to the Greenford-Gurnell Greenway along Ruislip road, where new strips for flower borders have been prepared. If this takes (rain again please!) the effect should be spectacular.

Finally the Wetland ponds to the east of the railway viaduct.

There is lots more happening with the Friends Group, so watch out for more news soon!

2 Replies to “Breaking news update! Orchard garden, Greenway and Wetlands”

  1. The flowers are looking excellent, Henry. Haven’t visited for a week or so, must try & get round there.

    I was sad to see on my last visit the small wet patch with lots of Juncus had dried up so all the tadpoles will have perished. I did previously rescue over a hundred of them from a drying up pocket of water next to the pool & transferred them to the larger body of water, but that has now gone too. We seem to have gone straight from months of near daily rain to drought!

  2. Yes, one extreme to another Neil. The Parks dept brought a water tanker to the park today, and they watered some of the newly planted trees along the Capital ring. But there are 100s of such newly planted trees, and presumably they cannot do them all.

    The only pond that is still doing well is the one they lined on the other side of the railway viaduct, but none of the rest of the ponds have such linings.

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