Sunrise in Perivale Park – 2021 version

The show is always different and this one has its very own personality! Taken between 07.30 – 07.45

It was a cold night and the frost was on the ground. Also, the photo is taken in the west of London, pointing obviously east towards the city centre. Whether the warmth rising from central London affects the colours or not I do not know.

I wonder if the view of sunrise from a bedroom window can influence property prices? How much would you pay to have a view like that each day?

2 Replies to “Sunrise in Perivale Park – 2021 version”

  1. Gorgeous shots, Henry! It’s almost as though London is on fire! I managed 90 minutes around the Ten Acre Wood area this morning before the blizzards hit so went back through Yeading Brook meadows through a snow storm.

    Good to see you the other day & working so hard. Look forward to seeing the spring bulbs flower. Hopefully the Eremurus will flower again. Having seen several wild species in Kazakhstan they are used to winter snow!

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