Before and after- a spot of “tidying”.

I am loath to describe our activity in the orchard garden as weeding. It is very much in the milder category of tidying. There are four wild flower meadows and four flower beds surrounding the benches to be tidied. Here are some photos of the ongoing process.

The meadows are not yet finished, with some strimming and digging out of deep rooted “undesirables” remaining, but the thistles have been slowed down (one can never say removed; they will no doubt be back). Meanwhile we are settling down to some back-recovery. And grateful that the health app on our phones has recorded our activities and helped “close our rings” (and the orchard  is more scenic than those HITT sessions!).

As with last year, these meadows will be revisited throughout the seasons. The next sight will be the delightful miniature narcissus, which are already showing (see above) and the flax has over-wintered nicely and should put on a better show than it did last year when it was sown. The big suspense item is whether the Eremurus will show up; its been quite a wet winter and apparently they do not like such conditions.

Update: 24 January, 2021.

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