Google maps: “Your photo is making a difference”

Google maps has for some time allowed anyone to upload a photo of a feature on the map. Once you have done this, they then kindly send you periodic encouragements to continue the habit by revealing the viewing statistics for your photos and a slider which supposedly rewards your activities with “points”.

I thought I might show a montage of some of the photos I have uploaded. If you look carefully you might see the number of times each photo has apparently been viewed (and this from a global audience). If you look even more carefully, the one photo of Northolt park that I included is actually top! Of course there are many more of Perivale Park, and if you add them all up, they outstrip Northolt park.

All this by way of encouraging anyone who reads this to do the same, not just for Perivale Park but any outdoors place in the London National Park City area, and indeed wider. It will all help to convince the world that London is a place to visit!

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