June is the month of colours!

The wet  May and lots of recent sun and heat has brought the colour of June to us. The yellows, blues and whites of spring have now been joined by the likes of the blues of the cornflowers, the reds, orange and pinks of poppies, the red white and pinks of campion and the related and the wonderfully delicate ragged-robin which has sprung up near the spring in the Longfield meadows.

Judging by the buds that have not yet opened, there is lots more still to come. And this year there were no wild flower sowings in the meadows after rotavation (hence no planting lists, unlike the previous two years). Nature has managed this without much of our help this year and it has not let us down.

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  1. All looks stunning & yesterday’s steady rain was useful to keep everything fresh. When I was over there early Monday morning I was delighted to find populations of the diminutive Bird’s-foot (not to be confused with its relative Bird’s-foot Trefoil) in the meadow where the BMX track was proposed & also on the golf course. It’s a few years since I last saw this.

    The Red Campion is stunning but in my garden wishes to totally dominate. Looks great but have to keep weeding out seedlings to stop it totally taking over.

    I don’t think the council have done any sowings locally this year. The upside is that we are seeing more native wildflowers such as Ox-eye Daisies, Red & White Campions, etc rather than gaudy exotics such as Cosmos, California Poppies & the like.

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