River Brent Bankside Cleanup – Sunday 8th September, 2019, 13.00.

Richard Spencer-Smith sent me this information:

Our next GGG event is to take place ‘underneath the arches’ near Gurnell Leisure Centre: cue for a song? Or maybe that little ditty was before your time! It’s a humdinger of a litter pick, all on land. Apologies to the aquaphiles among us – there will be future in-water events. It’s on Sunday 8th September, meeting outside the Leisure Centre at 1pm, and I can assure you that you will feel incredibly saintly once the job is done.

Who knows how the weather will turn out so please check the forecast and bring appropriate clothing. As always boots and gloves and pickers will be provided; and a Tunnocks chocolate wafer biscuit or two as well, plus tea or coffee.

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