(Almost) all things orchard.

Here is an orchard update, both for Perivale Park and for our exploration of the Hanwell orchard trail.

Firstly, the Perivale Park orchard. The final stages in preparing the surface were done yesterday, with a very fancy gadget levelling the entire plot to within 5cm, in preparation for the next stages, which will be setting out the design and tree and meadow planting.

Now to the Hanwell orchards. Firstly a set of maps courtesy of openstreetmap. This “open” map allows anyone with an account to add features. And in this case, the features are the fruit tree plantings in various parts of the parks that comprise the Hanwell meadows and associated green spaces.

Finally a photo of one of the Hanwell orchard trees, in their natural surrounding. The original supplier labels are still intact and you can easily find out what the various trees are (and correlate them with the maps).

I think it’s a great idea to annotate parks and green spaces with such features. Why don’t you all add a feature or two in this way to your own local area! Perhaps some of those bee corridors mentioned in the previous post.

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