Bee corridors in London (Brent). Hey, Ealing has them as well!

The BBC news headline reads ‘Bee corridor’ planted in London to boost insect numbers and goes on to describe how “… wildflower meadows will be put in place in 22 of Brent Council’s parks in north London.” Well, Perivale Park is one of a similar number of parks in Ealing getting the same treatment!

This is how just a few of the “bee corridors” in Perivale Park are looking at the moment. I have included the original “test strip” planted in 2016. After three years its mostly now grass, which is of course dominant. It shows how even a bee corridor needs some tender loving care.

The last week has brought lots of showers and already the large meadow has a host of germinating seedlings. We hope that they are bee-flowers rather than just grasses. Also, go visit the Perivale Park bee corridors from 2017, when they produced a spectacular display of flowers. The splash picture you see at the start of this blog also dates from then.

Nice to see that Brent are starting to catch up with  Ealing. Some inter-borough rivalry then.

Some more information: I understand that the total planting of bee corridors in Brent was 55,000m2. That in Ealing has reached 166,000m2 and still counting! There are also significant differences in the seed-mixes. In Brent more or less the same mix was used throughout, whereas in Ealing each mix is carefully tuned to the neighbourhood so that no two areas are the same.

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