A walk through the park by a LAGER CANer.

LAGER (Litter Action Group Ealing Residents) visit the park frequently, either as a group or as individuals. Here is one such visitor’s report. Thanks Ian!

For a day-off after 2 days of grotty undergrowth we took a wander round Perivale Park this afternoon. (Apart from the benches) it all looked pretty clean, until we got to the new footbridge & the golf tee beside it. 2 overflowing bags later we started the long hunt for a bin. After pausing at 2 of the benches along the (seriously overgrown) path between Ruislip Rd East & the Brent we had another 2 bags, & a long walk to find a bin at a bus-stop. Bins may attract litter, but secluded benches without nearby bins seem to attract a heck of a lot more!! After that it was a gentle stroll past the new lakes & back to the car park. Such a lovely change from the last time we saw the area between Gurnell & the railway at the start of lockdown, when the lakes were just abandoned holes in the ground & the paths were strips of mud & rubble. 4 bags, 1 unbaggable & a flytip reported

Ian mentions the flytip reporting. I might just mention that a very easy way to report not only flytipping but other antisocial behaviours such as abandoned (hire) bikes, graffiti etc is to use the LoveCleanStreets app on a phone. It takes just a minute or so and keeps tabs of your reports. Certainly Ealing Parks recommend its use. And in case you are wondering,  yes  I used it to report the defacing of the  Nicky Hopkins seat in the park.

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