The first fruits of the Perivale Park orchard garden!

The trees for the orchard garden were planted about four weeks ago,  and some of the  apple trees already have fruits!

I thought I might also provide some information about the trees planted. Ten large more mature Malus robusta ‘Red Sentinel’ (crab apple) were planted next to the benches. To give some idea of what they might look like next year, here are some images from Wiki commons.

The complete list of 24 orchard plantings are shown below, sourced from  Click on the links to find out more about each variety.  Unfortunately the labels attached to the fruit trees have been removed by someone, so it will be an interesting game to match the tree to the list below (especially the apples).

Malus × robusta ‘Red Sentinel’ (10)
Beauty of Bath (Apple, 2) Blenheim Orange (Apple)
Bountiful (Apple) Coe’s Golden Drop (Plum)
Discovery (Apple, 2) Ellisons Orange (Apple)
Katy (Apple) Kentish Cob Nut
Lanes Prince Albert (Apple) Lord Derby (Apple)
Marjories Seedling (Plum) Nottingham medlar
Meech’s Prolific (Quince) Opal (Apple)
Spartan (Apple) Sunburst (Apple)
Tydemans Early Worcester (Apple, 2) Van (Cherry)
Victoria (Plum) Ashmeads Kernel (Apple)
Cosford Cobnuts

It will take perhaps five years for these trees to become mature. Lets hope most make it! Volunteers welcome to help with maintenance (mostly weeding and watering at the moment). Please use the contact form on the bottom right of this page.

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