Celebrating Perivale Park: Nature walk report

One of the activities last Sunday involved a nature walk around the park. Here Neil Anderson has kindly sent us summaries of few highlights regarding sightings:

  • Quiet for birds as anticipated but Kestrel & Red Kite
  • Butterflies: several Small White but also Common Blue & Brown Argus.
  • Dragonflies: several each of Migrant HawkerCommon Darter, 4 Common Blue Damselflies by the  large pond
  • 7-spot & Harlequin Ladybirds, the “batman hoverfly“- Myathropa florea.
  • Highlight for me was the discovery of  the migrant moth- the Vestal– a species of North Africa & southern Europe which turns up at various coastal localities in favourable conditions. Quite a lot around southern coasts recently but an excellent inland record. Record sent to Colin Plant, the Herts & Middx as well as LNHS moth recorder.
  • Also looked at some flora with Water Plantain, Purple Loosestrife, Great Water Dock & Common Club-rush by ponds & a few other species such as Yarrow, Purple Toadflax, Fat Hen & many others.

Pleased weather was so kind to us & good to see a full take-up of people wishing to explore the nature of Perivale Park.

Thanks Neil!

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