Sunrise in the park – September style.

Sunrise at this time of year is around 06.15 and it terms of spectacular display it literally only lasts a few minutes. So you have to be in the right place at the right time to capture these effects. This is what I saw today!

If you inspect the photos, you will notice I was not the only person in the park at this time; it can actually teem with people, some jogging and others walking the dog. Me?

Neither of these, I was collecting litter. And since litter pickers are (or become) an idiosyncratic bunch themselves, I thought I would ventilate one of my pet annoyances. I collected around 20 discarded water and drinks bottles today in around 30 minutes of picking. Around 70% of them contained a significant amount of liquid (two I think were still sealed and unopened, including a pristine Ribena drink). They collectively probably weighed around 10kg and I eventually had to concede defeat and left the now bulging and very weighty bag at the closest municipal litter bin before heading home. That was probably £10-15 of discarded liquid. Why people drag this weight to the park but then abandon it un-drunk is a mystery to me.

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