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  1. All looking good, Henry. I was very pleased to seeing the grasslands looking so good and supporting a good variety of insect life too. The Perivale Wetlands are now supporting a healthy and varied dragonfly fauna which is great to see.

    Viper’s Bugloss is one of my favourite wild flowers. I saw a lot last weekend on the coast growing in the shingle at Rye Harbour. It’s very popular with bees as you may have noticed. It naturally grows on well drained soils; often sandy, so will be curious if it persists at Perivale.

    It got its name from the Doctrine of Signatures where the ancient herbalists believed a plant’s appearance was a cue to its medicinal properties & so the plant was thought to be a cure for snake bites. The spotted stem of the plant was said to resemble a snake while the shape of the flower allegedly resembled the head of a snake.

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