Thanks, LAGER Can!

Today twelve of those fantastic folks at LAGER Can (Litter Action Group Ealing Residents) came over to Perivale park and hunted for litter. After about 90 minutes, around 20 bags of the stuff had been removed from the park and surroundings and placed in litter bags for collection.

Thanks Cathy for organising us so effectively and Richard (of the Greenwayers, who focus on litter picking the rivers) for also helping out. The main focus today was the Greenway walk along Ruislip Road, from Gurnell to Greenford, and including Longfield meadows. Some of the stuff found today had clearly been there for a long while, but there was also new litter, deposited in the last 24 hours. This shows, like painting the Forth Bridge, that de-littering is a never ending activity.

But it was good to meet everyone. Including one young chap who was very surprised to see a group of people collecting litter. “I thought I was the only one doing it around here” he exclaimed! Well no, there are indeed lots of people prepared to make the park a clean and safe place to enjoy!

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  1. Great work all! I don’t remember a year when littering was so prolific and widespread- a real blight on our community. Big thanks to all who make our green spaces a more pleasant environment for us and less hazardous for wildlife.

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