A community weeding.

On Sunday July 5th (2020), we had a community weeding in the orchard garden part of the park.

Seven budding gardener friends of the park  turned up (all socially distanced!), several with “no weeding experience”! The targets were the flower beds surrounding the four seats in the orchard garden where the crab apple trees are planted. These areas were planted out with ornamental grasses, verbena, geraniums and other potted plants last year. The common grasses, thistles and other plants which, although welcomed in the right location, had arrived in the wrong location and had started to take over. These now needed removing by hand. This took about 2 hours and the job is not finished yet. 

No doubt there will be more weeding, a never ending task of course. And soon we hope, with the help of Thames21 and Richard, to organise the first  community litter picking of 2020 in  the river Brent and Coston’s Brook areas of the park (this needs special equipment and some training). And regular litter picking around the park is always welcome of course. Indeed even more welcome is not dropping it in the first place. If you do want to consume pizza+beer in the park, please dispose of that box/can/bottle properly or consider taking it back home with you if there is no rubbish bin with space left close by.

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