The Gurnell-Greenford Greenwayers

Perivale Park is blessed with two rivers. To the south runs the river Brent and in the south-west its tributary Costons Brook. Today I learnt about two recent events involving cleaning up these waterways. Richard Spencer-Smith sent me the following descriptions of the activities of the Gurnell-Greenford Greenwayers.

Our first event took place on the Brent behind the Gurnell Leisure Centre on 27th October 2018. With 11 volunteers plus representatives from Thames21 and Ealing Council Parks and Leisure, we removed 45 bin bags of litter.

Our second event was on 12th January this year when we removed 50 bin bags of litter, a motor scooter, a sofa and a shopping trolley from the lower section of Costons Brook, Perivale Park. This time we had 14 volunteers plus T21 and Council representatives.

The next event will concentrate on removing litter from the banks of the upper section of Costons Brook on Sunday 17th March 10am – 1pm. Meeting at 10am outside Lidl, Greenford UB6 9FH.

I encourage all to go to the Park on 17th March  and help clear up more of Costons Brook. All equipment including wellies, gloves, pickers, bags and bag hoops will be provided and that people just need to be warmly dressed and have protection against rain .I gather that with more such efforts, the Brent and perhaps even the brook might become a regular spotting place for Kingfishers! Did you also know that until a weir was built on the Brent running through the park that elvers from the Sargasso sea used to make their way up the Brent? Perhaps with all the developments under way, we can again watch eels in Perivale Park!

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  1. I here add a memory of Costons brook around 1985. Adjacent to the brook is a children’s playground. The brook at this end, where it emerges from a culvert also had a pathway through the trees on the banks, which we called the jungle. We visited frequently with our young family. One day, the delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee greeted us. Curious as to why, we peered at the brook. It was running brown, having had a great amount of roasted coffee dumped in it.

    Apparently a hundred years earlier, it had run bright green, due to a batch of dye from the Perkin dyeworks at Greenford Green having been dumped into in. Nowadays of course, neither coffee, nor dyes, nor indeed many supermarket trolleys are to be found. Oh, and the Jungle has gone, recently removed by the activities in the park.

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