Meadows of poppies and buttercups.

The year 2023 is turning out to be a good one for both buttercups and poppies.  Here are some photos of our poppy meadow, part of the orchard garden, and our buttercup meadow, next to the tennis courts.

The poppies still have many unopened buds. One question is where did they come from? Were they part of the seed mix sown about four years ago? Or the wild flower balls thrown out last year. Or natural sources?
A bit of a mystery is the flax. Spectacular two years ago, there has been no sign of it since. Perhaps next year?


2 Replies to “Meadows of poppies and buttercups.”

  1. Those poppies look like perennial ones that I think were in the seed mix so they should now keep coming back. All looks great.

  2. Richard, yes we have a perennial one in our front garden that has been coming back for at least ten years. Mind you, we planted about five ten years ago, and only this one has made it to today. Curiously next to it is a red tulip of about the same age that also flowers each year (unusual for tulips in the UK climate).

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