An exciting new feature for kids in the park (tested by an old kid!)

A few years back, some large rocks (and railway sleepers) were brought to the park, next to the footpath at the cross-paths, close to the Cowgate lane entrance. Kids soon started scrambling on them with great delight, but the rocks were soon enclosed with fences to prevent this. Now they have been moved to their final location, as stepping stones to a little island formed by one of the adjacent ponds.

Try it out, treading carefully of course! As a bonus, the pipe carrying water to these ponds, which had been blocked with leaf compost, has been syringed out to allow flow of water to the ponds again. Soon, they will be full of water, and the stepping stones will perform their function. I gather that to prevent the pipe from getting blocked again, a larger culvert will be installed, crossed by a new hump-back bridge, which should make for another interesting feature. I hope wheelchairs will be able to cross it!

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