Cricket in the park: deep SHAME on this weekend’s teams.

The park has two wonderful cricket pitches and for the summer season there are always matches being played on them. So it is no surprise that after the match, some of the teams have a picnic and refreshment. The trouble is that all the detritus that accompanies food and drink is sometimes simply left scattered, as the photos below show for yesterday’s match. For someone else to pick up.

The captains of the teams who created this mess (you know who you are) should take their responsibilities seriously and ensure that all the mess is bagged up after the game and taken away, not left in the park (yes, those are the rules when booking a pitch). Even propping it up against the litter bins will probably just bring the foxes on, who are pretty good at un-bagging and rummaging. If you can bring it to the park in the first place, you can take away a much lighter load at the end.

Next week’s teams will be watched carefully for any repetition of this mess. And if any of the captains of this weekend’s matches read this, please have a word with your teams at the end of the next match.

Many teams do take their responsibilities seriously and leave the park in reasonably good shape. It is the few that do not that should hang their heads in deep shame.

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