Perivale Park resident heron.

Herons come in a wide variety of tameness and approachability. The most approachable we have seen was sat on a canal boat moored on the grand union canal near Stocker’s lake, who hardly stirred as we walked along the tow path and got to perhaps two metres of him. In contrast, the canal near Horsenden hill often has herons who fly away when you are still perhaps 100m away.

The one above, perched on a rock next to one of the (rapidly drying out) lakes at Longfield meadows, showed little sign of alarm when the photos were taken; we were perhaps 25m away. Of course I would like to claim he is our resident heron and hence name him appropriately, but I cannot be sure it is not a different one each time! How about Perryherry? OK, if you have a better name, drop us a line.

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  1. Sue has sent some suggestions for naming the heron

    For jazz lovers – Gill Scott Heron
    For art lovers, Patrick Heron!

    Thanks Sue! More?

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