Five more benches installed.

Contemplating nature sometimes can be done sitting down. And having lots of benches from which to do that helps! So it is a pleasure to say that five more “railway sleeper” benches have now been installed in the Longfield meadows area of the greater park.

What we now need are a few benches with backs to them, for even greater relaxation. And perhaps one or two located in more shady spots for those days when the sun is particularly strong. But plans are afoot! Watch this space.

5 Replies to “Five more benches installed.”

  1. Wonderful addition to this lovely new space – how do you feel about the potential for even more litter? And no bins? Concerns have been raised among our members.

  2. The paths around the lakes are indeed good collecting ground for litter. But the difficulty with putting bins there is that these paths would not support the weight of the trucks that go around emptying the litter bins. These trucks instead go down the adjacent hard tarmac “sixty trees alley” which is close by and where there are two litter bins already. So rather than put bins in that might rapidly overflow because of the difficulty of collecting the litter sacks, one might ideally imagine people taking their litter to the close by alleyway instead? Except of course most of the litter in the park is never placed in a bin in the first place!

    1. Thanks, this makes complete sense. Do you know if Greener Ealing Parks team will walk round and pick up litter? Or will it be left to volunteers?

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