Dinosaur trees – and of course bluebells at Wakehurst.

There are some sights you simply are not going to capture in an urban park in London. So to see these you will have to go a little further afield – to Wakehurst or “Kew gardens in the country”, one of our “guest” park appearances here.

The so-called Dinosaur trees were only discovered in a remote location in Australia in 1994; previously they had only been seen in the fossil records of 200 million years ago! The collection at Wakehurst now acts as an insurance policy against (e.g.) their destruction in their original habit by forest fires and the like, and of course their seeds are now in the Millennium seed bank at Wakehurst.

It is also a good year for bluebells and those at Wakehurst are wonderfully displayed in the contoured grounds of the river valleys that make up Wakehurst.

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