Perivale Park Bat Walk.

Organised by Paul and the Ealing Wildlife group, a group of twelve intrepid bat watchers set off into Perivale park at dusk. Bristling with sensitive bat detecting equipment, which reduces the sounds the bats make from ~45 KHz down to human-audible form, we first aimed for the pond areas. There insects fly at night and the bats hunt them.

We heard and then saw the first bats in the four-ponds area near the kids playground first (area 1). A fleeting shape between the trees along the path there. We then moved on to the Longfield meadow ponds where both the insects and hence the bats were more abundant.

We really hit gold in the spot marked 2 close to the middle of the three new ponds there and where perhaps five bats were circling around our heads, sometimes just a few feet away. This proximity made a video possible, as you can see for yourself below.

It was good to know that the bat populations seem to be healthy there. Go see for yourselves!

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  1. Great to know more young people are discovering the magic of bats.
    Thank you Paul for hosting the walk and Henry for the footage.

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