Perivale Park kids playground. The litterers have surpassed themselves in their disgrace.

The photo below shows the state of the kids playground in the park this morning. The litter had appeared by yesterday morning (Friday), with the playground having been cleared of all rubbish not much more than a day earlier. So this is a single day’s littering and the photo shows the area of only one of the bins there, with much more deposited around the rest of the playground. It does not look like fox-spill, since nothing has been chewed and the pizza and luxury chocolate boxes had not been folded to insert into the bin. This is human activity!

As we passed by yesterday, without sadly litter-picker and bags, we noticed that despite the mess, the playground still had 10-15 kids playing + parents watching there. There were lots of semi-sharps, plastic forks that could inflict an injury. I was hoping perhaps that those who must have noticed the rubbish yesterday might have returned equipped to remedy it later, but that did not happen. The mess was half cleared today by myself, filling two large litter bags to the top and I think another two will be needed to clear it all. And just to cheer myself up (not), I have noticed that Saturday is often the worst day for littering, so that is still to come.

Let’s hope that the cricket matches today do not contribute (they have a mixed track record in terms of litter). I do not want this forum to turn into a rant and to be fair there are clearly lots of people (LAGER!) in the park who are now using their litter pickers to clear the stuff out. We might be in need of them again soon!

And the heroes. Soon after I wrote this, Jack and Wayne from GEM came along and cleared out the remaining mess. They do this very often and they really make a big difference to the park! Thanks guys!

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  1. Heroes Jack and Wayne have cleared up the remaining mess. Lets hope it does not all reappear by Monday!

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