The Greenway project nears completion.

Two years ago, work started on the Greenford  Greenway project, which aimed to create a variety of green corridors in the area between the  Gurnell leisure centre and Greenford town centre. This area of course includes all of  Perivale Park itself, and the eastern extension into Longfield meadows where the wetlands were part of the project.  Now that it is nearing completion, Richard has kindly sent me a list of the remaining things still to be done as part of this project.  The COVID pandemic has of course delayed some aspects of this, but Ealing parks are still hoping to complete this.

  1. The areas outlined in blue above will contain new seating, to complement the actually very comfortable rocks already in place.
  2. There will also be steps at the far end with a new short section of path.
  3. A decking platform will be added in between the main pond (at the top of the photo) and the two scrape ponds.
  4. Kingfisher tubes to go in, to encourage even more kingfishers to adopt the area (there are already frequent sightings).
  5. More of those delightful rocks will be distributed as seats
  6. More islands will be created in the scrape ponds to add variety when the water levels are low.
  7. The existing lined path along Ruislip road will have a final surface added.
  8. And some artistic signs will be placed at the entrance to entice people in.

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