Magnificence of Marsh Marigolds

The Perivale wetlands, which increasingly feature here, have a little stream feeding the ponds. In December 2019, a group of volunteers planted the edge of the stream with aquatic plants. Of these the Marsh  Marigolds took a year or so to settle down and now there are lots of them along the stream and surrounding the ponds. Many of them look very healthy and we might expect this spring display to only get better with the passage of time.

OK, the last three photos are not of marigolds, but I thought I would include their contribution to the splash of spring colour!

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  1. The Marsh Marigolds are looking good- one of my favourite wild flowers. We also saw some just off the canal at Hanwell yesterday.

    The other flowers are Coltsfoot (yellow flowers before leaves) & Red Dead-nettle-popular with bees.

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