The Cowgate road entrance to the Park.

This entrance is much used by local residents, many of whom are pushing kids buggies and whose progress has been hampered in the past by the puddles, verging on mini-ponds, that invariably form there when it rains. Some large ones have been seen with the recent rainy october.

Now works are being done to solve this problem. A drainage ditch has been dug and a pipe inserted which drains the area into the nearby little stream (the same one that feeds the three ponds in that area) Tarmac resurfacing to be done shortly will then create an even surface for everyone. Now to fix the blocked culvert which causes a veritable stream to flow along the Capital Ring pathway near the cricket  pavillion. That stream has been seen a few times recently. Thames Water, where are you?

We are hoping that the contractor laying the tarmac will also soon address the surfacing of the various exercise machine areas around the park, where installation started in March but then ground to a halt with the lockdown. The exercise machines destined for the area next to the cricket pavillion are eagerly anticipated, especially with the impending new lockdown.

4 Replies to “The Cowgate road entrance to the Park.”

  1. Hello,

    Do you know who we need to contact in respect to the deep hole at the Cowgate Road entrance to the park please? My mother has just started using a wheel chair and I am concerned about the condition of the road.

    Thank you

  2. Annette,

    The road repairs needed were indeed discussed with Ealing Parks. Apparently its in the list of things needing doing.

    Meanwhile, simply filling in the deep pothole with something would help, even just path gravel. I will see if that at least can be done as an interim measure to allow a wheelchair to cross it.

  3. Annette, I have just heard from Ealing parks that

    “They just phoned me back and they will be starting the job sometime next week”

  4. My last comment was on April 16th. Now on June 28th, I am delighted to report that the pothole has indeed been filled!

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