Another pond starts to take place in park.

From having just one pond in the park three years ago (the one known as the frog pond)  we now have an abundance, big and small.  At the last count it was nine in the main park and three on the other side of the railway embankment. Perhaps the most photogenic are the three ponds close to the kids playground, close to  Coston’s brook, where the reflections of sunrise can make for some fantastic photos.  Now these ponds are being added to. A fourth swale is now being dug on the other side of the little feeder stream, in-between it and the surfaced kids playground.

The hedgerow currently separating the playground and the rest of the park is being removed to increase visibility in both directions, and the pond digging will start next week. Then the little stream that feeds the three existing ponds will be the distributary for both those ponds and the new one.

Finally  I add some photos taken by  Ros at daybreak, which show a rare and fantastic cloud formation above the park as reflected in the ponds.  Nice!


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