For all fungus lovers – an autumn abundance.

A combination of constant rain and showers coupled with very mild weather has produced one of the best displays of fungi in the park for a little while. A particularly rich location is next to the large pond in the centre of the park (first photo, now gradually filling up with water) which was surrounded by trees in December 2018 by a Trees For Cities volunteering event. Each of the young trees were mulched with bark chippings, but a large mound was left over at the end and it is there that you are guaranteed to find fungi at this time of year.

There is no point in my trying to identify any of the above for you; perhaps better informed readers here can do so? Needless to say, do not even try to eat any of them.

The small bright red ones were actually found in Bedfont Lakes country park. The shiny yellow ones (adjacent photo) were located on an old tree trunk  in the wonderful “60 trees” alley way the other side of the railway embankment.

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  1. Lovely diverse mix of fungi, Henry. I won’t attempt to ID them as I’m not too good at these, though love looking at them.

    Good to see the central pond now holding water. I do go through the park but didn’t pass this. Last time I did there was barely a puddle!

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