RHS Wisley – out of lockdown.

Although this forum is about Perivale Park and its surroundings, I could not resist celebrating the partial release from lockdown by allowing visits to other gardens. In this case, RHS Wisley, about 40 miles away from the park.

Any visit is bound to be a snapshot of the particular part of the season. This year, the stand-out highlights were (apart from the ever faithful scented roses) the stunning dogwood trees. And talking of roses,  Perivale park is a bit short of them;  in fact  I cannot think of many other than some along the route of the  Greenway adjacent to Ruislip road.  Rest assured however that some will be coming to the orchard garden soon. Also rest assured is that when they come, they will appear here (even if they are not flowering).

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  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day. It’s been a few years since I last visited Wisley. Some lovely herbaceous planting. Nice to see the Small Tortoiseshell on the Salvia & that lovely decorative clover. Trifolium rubens. I did scatter some seeds of the latter in the back garden.

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