Dinner tonight – from Perivale Park.

Strolling around the park yesterday with Richard, we walked past the flower meadow near the tennis courts.  Last year it had been sown with a Linnet bird seed mix combined with brassicas.  The latter are now starting to flower, and are showing yellow. Richard had been hoping for the purple sprouting variety and we pondered if these were just as edible or not. Well, coming home, I found out that the generic term for most brassica sprouts is “grelos” in  Portuguese. They are often combined with boiled potatoes, egg and salted cod (bacalhau).

So, today a major harvesting operation was undertaken.  Fear not, there is lots still left, but our friends  have been informed!

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  1. Looks very tasty, Henry & no air miles for your greens either! All very healthy looking.

    When I went there last Friday there was no sign of the Linnets there.

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