Tiny forests.

On the news today is the project by environmental charity Earthwatch Europe and Witney Town council to plant the “UK’s first-ever Tiny Forest”. On a plot the size of a tennis court, volunteers have planted some 600 fast growing trees.

Which led me thinking. In Perivale park quite a few small trees have been planted in the last few days, mostly alongside existing paths. In 2018, we had a Trees-for-Cities planting of some 5000 small saplings by around 150 volunteers. These trees are now some 18 months old, and are next to the large pond on the centre of the park. We even had a sign erected announcing the creation of a new woodland area. And some eight years ago, a copse perhaps the size of three tennis courts was planted with slow growing oaks and other varieties, most of which have survived and are maturing nicely. Do any of these qualify as “tiny forests?

Interestingly, last year along the banks of Costons Brook, we had an area of “dense woodland” comprising mostly Blackthorn removed, in order to expose the river to view and to remove hiding places for unsavoury characters,

At any rate, with perhaps only a small amount of poetic license, perhaps Perivale Park can also lay a claim to have the UK’s first ever tiny forest (except we call it woodland!). What’s in a name!

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