Calling raised bed (guerrilla) gardeners please!

The Perivale Park orchard garden now has four raised beds installed, with soil already delivered and ready to be poured into them in the next few days.

The raised beds are intended for community plantings. We need some volunteers or indeed guerrilla gardeners to fill them with interesting plants. Since we already have wild flowers in the adjacent plots, something that will grow nicely during the winter, such as cabbage or herbs? The idea with say herbs is that visitors and passers-by can (considerately) pick some herbs for their dinner and perhaps plant some new ones in return!

One further request. Does anyone have a camera drone that could be used to take a photo of the area from the top? Contact me using the form on the right of this blog.

And a suggestion. Go visit Google Maps. You should now see the various new features in the part labelled in the map, with photos for all these areas, as well as the Perivale meadow wetlands.

Update: 17 October.The raised beds/planters are now filled with soil.

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