Djokovic 1 – Gurnell-Greenford Greenwayers 57 and a table leg

An extremely successful river clean-up took place on Sunday 14th July thanks to the hugely dedicated efforts of 12 volunteers, supported by Billy Coburn from Thames21.  With 3 land-army pickers and 9 merfolk, we managed to collect 57 bags of mainly plastic litter, a large table leg, a sizeable laminate floor underlay and 4 pallets.  The latter will remain on site above the floodline to provide a skyscraper for bugs.

Try to imagine this scene with 4 times the amount of litter.  That’s how much  there was at kick-off:







But nil desperandum,  the crew ploughed into it and after 2 hours, woody debris had been dealt with:

Pallets purposely placed:

River bank beautified:

Litter lugged to the collection point:








And tea and Tunnocks tasted:

Our next event will be in September (date, time and venue tba).

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