July flowers: close up!

When flower plantings started in our area in 2016, we were never sure quite what to expect. It depended on rain and the type of seed set down.  Now in mid-July we are starting to get some answers for 2019.

Firstly Perivale Park itself. This year’s planting is very different from 2016-2018, which were an annual plantings. Now we have a more perennial approach, with some of the plants designed to try to suppress the grasses in a longer term. Hence the result is rather less in your face than the famous one of 2017. You have to get up close to see the flowers and photographs do not perhaps do them justice (at least not with the camera phone I am using). Here are some examples

In contrast an area close to Northolt Park, in Wincanton Crescent and Dabbs Hill lane has been planted with pure annual colour!

Very likely as the summer progresses, we will see new flowers and new colours.

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