The power of rain.

Here is a guest article by Carmel, who has been out and about in the park.

The park has changed so much in the last 24 hours.

On yesterday’s dog walk in the pouring rain. Brent and Costons Brook are running so high that the banks look like breaking and all fields still looking brown. This morning such a difference in the sunshine. The fields are already starting to green up. On the field near the tennis courts, sunflowers now blooming. We knew they were there but with no rain had not expected to see them. Lovely little white roses out in the orchard garden. There is water in nearly all the ponds and snails. Mind you, if you want to see it I would come soon as they have already evaporated by several inches since yesterday. And lastly a whole tree has been brought down the river Brent from upstream and has jammed on the eel ladder near the Greenway Bridge.

Editor’s note. That area has been regularly watered during July-August!

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  1. Richard, a set of angled baffles were installed on the weir a few months ago to slow the water flow. I was told by James Morton and others that eels have now been spotted upstream of the weir. So perhaps they now can get past the weir?

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