And now for the sunset in the park.

We are lucky that our bedroom window faces south, which means that in the mornings we can see the sun rise in the east and in the evening we can see it set in the  west. Sometimes it can feel like a display of modern art, and  a few times I have here shown the morning artwork. Today the atmospherics have led to an interesting alternative evening display.

OK, I confess that the photos have been edited with some of the effects one can apply with a phone, to “enhance” (or perhaps some would argue ruin) the raw image data. I did it of course for artistic effect.

As London (to the east) tries ever more stringent measure to reduce pollution, such as expanding the “ultra low emission zones” or ULEZ, perhaps these displays will in time get more and more boring. So I should revisit both mornings and evenings in a year or so to see if the colours can be correlated with pollution!

Richard asks if the original raw image data can be provided. That is in a format (High efficiency image container, or .HEIC) which is more or less what the image detector in the phone captured (even this data is already processed by the phone to some extent).  HEIC does not display natively here. So the next best thing is a JPEG, which is already “lossy” compared to the HEIC.  Neither of these of course are “reality”, in the sense that they are NOT what the eyes see, since eyes use a different detector from the phone. Indeed, my eyes saw colours that were distinctly different from either of the sets of images here. Nor indeed is it what the display of a typical computer screen or phone would show.  So “reality” is very difficult to capture in images such as these. Which is why I consider them instead an artistic interpretation of light. I dare say eg  bees would see this sunset very differently from us or from the phone camera.

If you want the  HEIC versions, click here or here.

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