Perivale as a (winter) sports park

Sometimes, when going for a walk in green areas in Ealing, one can come across football or cricket pitches that do not seem abundantly used. Not so in Perivale Park, when during the winter months, the football pitches have freshly painted lines, teams young and old and even a good smattering of spectators. Below you can see these in the park today.

The football can continue well into May or later, by which time the cricket has taken over (the pitches for these are reseeded, and fenced off as you can see in the photo above). You might also see park runs taking place, and then of course the school sports days on the athletics track. Possibly all these events are booked out, in which case someone probably knows the total footfall in the park due to such activities. If I ever find out, I will add it here.

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