The first six years of a new pond.

People  have been asking about the new ponds in the park.  When first dug, they did look rather raw,  although even now just a few months later, they mounds of clay spoil  surrounding the ponds are starting to green out.  Richard has kindly sent us some photos of how a newly created pond develops over the first six years or so of its life and I share those here.

The stream area in the meadow (as currently is) east of the railway embankment  (known on maps as Longfields meadow) was planted with aquatic plants a month or so back, and by mid summer  I think the rather naked gravel as it is now will be also augmented with some nice stream-side plants.

As with many aspects of landscaping (and gardening), the excitement and anticipation can take a little while to achieve maturity. Try to imagine what things will look like in a years time, rather than necessarily how they look like when new!

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