The Park has had a haircut (and a facelift).

When the Coston’s Brook corridor that runs out of a culvert near the children’s playground and joins the river  Brent about 200m further on was opened up about 18 months ago by removing much of the impenetrable undergrowth and blackthorn, we always knew the shrubs and trees would come back. Meanwhile we enjoyed all the new shoots coming up along the new path leading to the new bridge and in the morning with hoar frost they looked fantastic. But it was time to move to the next season and so the haircut arrived yesterday.

The pond excavations meant a lot of soil had to be moved and those mounds (and rocks) have been a feature of that part of the park for a few months now. But that too has now been levelled (thanks Andrew!) and the park definitely looks spruced up and facelifted. Nature being nature, all this bare soil will, before we know it, be replaced by grasses and anything else that might have been scattered  during the facelift.  You never quite know what will appear in the park and of course that is one of the delights of venturing into it, even on a daily basis!

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