Perivale Park orchard garden: the meadows and the first flowers!

The design of the orchard includes a fruiting tree area,  a central parade of crab apple trees with four benches from which to sit and admire the surroundings  and four square meadows which will provide hopefully long lasting colour during the summer.  The central section and the meadows were planted before christmas and are now emerging. These shoots are just the start and no doubt follow up photos describing their progress will appear here in due course.

I will post here a more detailed list of the grasses shown in the areas next to the benches (Richard?).  Meanwhile, this post is by way of heartfelt thanks to  Richard and everyone who put the sand down last year and carried out the plantings and because he cannot come the park in the current circumstances to view their progress.

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  1. The reddish grass is Anemanthele lessoniana the same one used for the planter beds in Greenford town centre. The other is Stipa gigantea.

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