Autumn colour in the orchard and first water in the new pond.

The normal time for seeding the flower meadows is late March/April, but this year a later planting in June was made in the orchard area. With the help of a fair bit of rain this summer, together with hosepipe watering of the fruit trees in the orchard, this late meadow is now starting to show its colour.  Currently, its best viewed close-up.

Close by, the new ponds have been dug and the stream/ditch has just been diverted to flow into the first pond. So the photos below record its first ever water. As the autumn/winter rains come, expect this pond to fill up entirely.

In the park as a whole, there are three new groups of ponds this year. The one above is a cluster of three and will be fed by the stream shown. The second, about 200m away (below) consists of a cluster of two ponds and will get water just from the rains.

Next to the park, on the other side of the railway viaduct, the largest of the clusters is still taking shape and this too will be fed by a stream. This last certainly appears deep enough to encourage us to think it will have fish one day.

Added on 25th September.

Added on 26th September.

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