Dragonflies and Damselflies walk.

Today Neil Anderson gave a group of 21 of us a masterclass in nature observation. Thanks also to Sean McCormack of the Ealing Wildlife group for organising!

We walked around the Longfield meadows and ponds. The largest, lined pond still just about had some water and the dragon and damselflies were there, although in reduced number from previous years. There was lots else to see and the photos above are just a fraction of what Neil pointed out to us. The walk finished by a stroll alongside the Greenway path adjacent to the river Brent. Again lots to see, especially if you have someone with eagle eyes pointing things out.

Finally, I end with a personal observation – I am interested in colours, found both in nature and made by scientists. When we spotted the bright green insect (photo above) I immediately wondered what pigment or material gave it that colour. It turns out that the diversity of substances that create colour in insects is wonderfully complex. This link might inform you more.

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