Animals galore! A guest appearance by Staines Moor.

Occasionally, one of the other green areas in west London makes an appearance here. Unlike Perivale Park, this one has lots of grazing animals to be seen. It is one of the delights of the UK that animals and ramblers can  be allowed to mix together in  some locations without being separated by fences. Common sense mostly prevails and the two can get on together famously. So here are some photos taken during a 3km walk around Staines Moor.

The sheep famously graze around the reservoirs to maintain the edges.

There were herds of both horses and cows. Whilst we were passing by, the horse herd had decided to first have a drink from the river Colne, and then to investigate crossing it to the other side. One of the horses however decided to investigate me instead. In exchange for a cheery hello from myself, he decided to taste the straw coloured jacket I was wearing, but after sampling it, decided it was not edible and continued his trot to the river. The horses mingled happily with the cows, a small group of which had decided to chew the cud close to the footpath when we passed them by. Apart from a rather disinterested look, they ignored us humans.

Other than aquatic swans, ducks and geese seen on occasion in Perivale park, we have nothing to compare with the above. But I cannot resist showing the duck paddle we saw on Costons Brook the other day.

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