Perivale Park (late) Summer event – photos!

Our second community celebration of the park took place in lovely weather yesterday. We estimate one hundred or so people might have dropped in during the day, either to participate in the dog olympics, to buy cakes from the LAGER can stall, to go on the inspirational nature walk, to learn about Horsenden Hill and Farm, to hunt for treasures in the park, to work it all off with a bit of exercise or to meet our park ranger Mark. Many from the RedGreen group (who exercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays and were the original inspiration for the  Friends) turned up, as did the Gurnell-Greenford  Greenwayers. Thanks all!

Here are some photos; if you have more, do send them along and I will add them below.

And why not also go along to the Horsenden Farm Apple Day (Sat 25th Sept, 12.00-17.00) when you can try the orchard fruits, and sample the fantastic bear and bread made there!

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