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  1. Though these have already been identified on the Ealing Wildlife Facebook Group, for members here who aren’t members of the group Charlie has found & photographed what I believe to be the first Tufted Ducks to be seen in Perivale Park.

    The only site in Ealing where they regularly occur is in Walpole Park where several pairs arrive each year in mid-spring to breed.

  2. Sadly they didn’t linger as no sign when I got there as I arrived about 08.30 after I did by BBS (where there were 4 pairs of Tufted Duck in Walpole Park). There was a pair of Mallards that had 4 small ducklings, though they had better be alert as there was also a Lesser Black-backed Gull there which are notorious predator of young waterbirds.

    My best sighting by Perivale Park, was a pair of Grey Wagtails by the weir.

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