3 Replies to “A splash of blue in west London.”

  1. The flax is looking good. Pleased to see at least some Eremurus have flowered again.

    We saw quite a lot of flowering Salsify in Bittern Field a couple of days ago which we don’t recall seeing last year, which is surprising as we went there regularly for our exercise walks in the initial lockdown.

  2. We walked Bittern field about two weeks ago keeping an eye out for the Salsify (we indeed had seen it there last year!) but saw none this year. I guess it was a bit early and cold then. We also spotted the Grass Vetchling, Lathyrus nissolia in the meadow surrounded by Hedgerows in West Horsenden hill (the one where the ox-eye daisies are so impressive at the moment). I must take a photo of the substantial number of these in the Perivale Park meadow.

  3. Good to know it was there last year. Not sure how we missed it.

    I must get to Horsenden Hill soon- they do have some of the most botanically rich meadows in our area.

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