Amphibians galore – next year?

Those of us of a certain age remember distant childhood times when everyone so it seemed had access to a local pond with abundant tadpole populations. Such a rain-replenished pond was dug perhaps 10 years ago in Perivale Park. For a fair few of these subsequent years tadpoles were indeed seen.  However the pond was fairly shallow and had often dried out just before the tadpoles were due to leave it as frogs.  Now its been enlarged!

All that is now needed is winter rains, and hopefully ponds large enough to hold water until well into next August or beyond.

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  1. I noticed the excavation when we were there last Friday-partly to see the juvenile Little Grebe that had been on the large pond behind Gurnell for 3 days (not sure if it’s still present but a good record for the park!). Last spring I kept trying to save tadpoles there from small pockets of water to the larger water body but all in vain as the whole thing did dry up before any managed to emerge, due to the uncharacteristically warm, sunny spring.

    Pleased to say a few Linnets have returned to the park as we saw about ten feeding with c15 Goldfinches on a wildflower area near where the central path passes the golf course to meet the lane adjacent to the Coston Brook.

    Fingers crossed for amphibian success next spring. The pond along the Brent near the Mayfield School also suffered the same fate with the pond totally drying up. At least success further south at the larger pond on the West Middlesex Golf Course which retained water & thousands of tadpoles were observed.

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