Flowers, for everyone to enjoy in their natural surroundings please!

The original meadow, first sown in profusion in 2017, has now morphed again as encouraged by recent showers. The flowers showing up now have a certain delicacy which requires a little extra attention from passers by. The cosmos about to come will soon balance this with a different more robust perspective. Note the allium in the orchard meadow that is finally starting to show its own colour.

A number of people have remarked that some visitors to the park are gathering very large bundles of the flowers to take away from the park. If you do see someone doing this, please encourage them not to, so that we can all continue to enjoy the flowers in their natural setting. The only thing we welcome being taken away from the park is what would otherwise become litter. We must have collected ten pizza boxes today!

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  1. All looking very colourful. We were there about a week or so ago on a warm but overcast day. What was interesting was the area swarming with bees and butterflies wasn’t these meadows that seemed to have rather low numbers of pollinators but a large stand of Creeping Thistle surrounded by a sea of Ox-eye Daisies which were covered in Honey Bees, various bumblebees, skippers, Meadow Browns with a few Small Tortoiseshells & a couple of Commas.

    I know many would dismiss these thistles as weeds but it does show the importance of leaving some areas with these natives- but yes they do require some control! They do support many creatures-probably many more than the pretty annual mixes which I do enjoy. Probably a good balance of aesthetics & ecology!

    Sadly virtually everywhere I visit seems awash with human debris-it seems to have got worse since the pandemic!

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